Unlock your creativity and promote the power of whole brain thinking for individuals, teams, management, boards, and more.

Through a customized program, participants will develop modern techniques designed to encourage and inspire creativity and innovation in their workplace.

Cognitive Creativity - Be Inspired


“It is your unlimited power to create and to love that can make the biggest difference in the quality of your life.” -Tony Robbins

"Creativity  and  innovation are about finding unexpected solutions to obvious problems, or finding obvious solutions to unexpected problems. We should use our creativity to provide better businesses and solutions rather than constantly trying to disrupt what people are doing." - Rei Inamot


The Experience

Developed specifically to cater to the modern business clientele, the primary goal of the program is to have an inspiring, invigorating, thought-provoking, fun, and self-informative experience. Through dynamic group and individual activities, attendees will harness their ingenuity, self-reflect, and learn to problem solve more efficiently by having more imaginative resources to draw from. 


The Benefit

Creative learning helps to promote fresh ideas and new perspectives. Through a structured day of innovative, artistic, playful activities, attendees will develop the skills required to thrive in the modern business environment. Exercising the right side of our brain is crucial for long-term, sustainable success. From a business perspective, expanding and discovering our capacity for creativity promotes intellectual rejuvenation and growth.



“Soleil is so inspiring that you don't consider her a teacher as much as a force of creative genius.”

“I personally feel that I have learned much from Soleil, most importantly, to find joy in the process.” -Anne 

“Soleil's classes are inspiring and vibrant ! She is a wonderful free-spirited creative soul, and she invites you into new artistic realms that are challenging and fun”


Soleil brings together her expert knowledge of drama, dance and art to create a truly transformative day of learning. Her years of experience leading young adults and professionals have equipped her with the necessary tools to help promote inspired, creative business solutions.” - Lucas de Amaral, Communications Professional


About Soleil

Soleil Liberta Mannion was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Vancouver. She moved to London, England in 1991 to engage in theatre studies and graduated from the Chrysalis Theatre School, where she studied drama, dance, and costume design. She then worked as an actress and taught drama, dance and costume design at Ruskin Mill College. She traveled throughout Europe during the mid to late 1990s dancing, teaching and making art.
In 2003, Soleil moved to Canada to raise her family, settling on Vancouver Island. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts and Psychology in 2009.

Since 2011, she has been teaching art at Brentwood College School, and instructing private and group adult art and creativity classes. When not teaching, she can be found covered in paint at her seaside home studio.
Soleil’s art is inspired by her unique life experience which seamlessly combines elements of classical beauty and modern technique. She persistently progresses as an artist by painting regularly; putting on solo and group exhibitions; and creating and maintaining an online website for promotion and sales.

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